More than Insurance

We’ve looked long and hard at medical malpractice insurance in South Africa and created the cover you deserve, cover that is responsive and tailored to the needs and nuances of each medical specialist.

Natmed Medical Defence understands the impact (emotional, reputational, financial and professional) when a claim arises. We work smart and we work fast. Natmed has 24 years of unique experience in serving South Africa’s top gynaecologists, obstetricians and many other specialists. They choose us because we are the largest, 100% home-grown, independent and solely medical malpractice focussed brokerage in South Africa today.

Natmed’s founder, business visionary and systems wizard, Stephen Kellerman built the company on a key premise: Provide excellence to and demand excellence from those we provide cover to.

The simple genius of this co-responsibility approach provides you with the highest quality product at competitive pricing, guided by your track record.

Joining Natmed begins a professional journey where you are actively guided, kept informed, and updated on developments that impact you directly. You are provided instant, professional support via and through our 24-helpline. Put simply, in every area of medical malpractice insurance, Natmed has your back.

Natmed Medical Defence