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Medical Malpractice Insurance with Natmed – defending doctors for decades!

Natmed Medical Defence is an independent brokerage which has relationships with various insurers. For 27 years our tailored solutions have covered the wide range of possible medical malpractice incidents – protecting you, your staff, groups and establishments from risks you may not even have thought of.

The experienced team at Natmed does the technical underwriting (including premium assessment and product development), policy fulfilment, claims notifications, defence support and settlement administration. We have developed sophisticated software and databases over the years, including highly developed insurance broking capabilities.

Natmed covers multiple medical specialities, many private hospitals, and has acquired specific competence in the complicated obstetrics and gynaecology fields, where we have focused for 22 years. For this reason, we will assist all obstetricians seeking cover with EthiQal for occurrence-based and claims-made cover. You can receive a free quotation for specialist cover by logging in at

Natmed markets our own claims-made product, carefully developed over the past 22 years, as well as that of Genoa. We also distribute EthiQal’s occurrence-based product as an independent broker. A single log in at is sufficient for us to assist you with all three products, of which Natmed and EthiQal are underwritten by Constantia Insurance Company Limited, a South African insurer backed by international reinsurers. Constantia is currently financially backed by Conduit Capital.

Natmed remains an independent brokerage, separate from Constantia, EthiQal and Genoa, and Natmed will advise you how you can ensure that all your cover requirements remain appropriately comprehensive and uninterrupted, irrespective of the market changes.

Our unique superior products are carefully designed to provide specialised coverage to the various role players and stakeholders in the broader healthcare industry.

Please contact us should you require independent advice or wish to discuss which coverage is most suitable to your needs.

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