About Natmed Medical Defence

We are a brokerage that specialises in arranging comprehensive medical malpractice cover for healthcare practitioners and establishments.

Our broking service is officially 24 years old and our tailored solutions are designed to cover a wide range of possible medical malpractice incidents – protecting you, your staff, groups and establishments from risks of which you may not even be aware.

Our unique product offering is designed to provide specialised coverage to the various role players and stakeholders within the broader healthcare industry.

Our association with EthiQal and Constantia Insurance Company Limited

Launched in November 2016, EthiQal is part of the Constantia Insurance Group which has been making insurance personal for over six decades. Constantia, is a trusted brand whose responsive teams provide innovative risk and insurance solutions in niche markets.

EthiQal Medical Risk Protection (“EthiQal”), a division of Constantia Insurance Company Limited, formed an association with Natmed Medical Defence (“Natmed”) from 01 March 2017.

Uncertainty in the malpractice market in South Africa over time, primarily with overseas-focussed insurers exiting the South African market or those remaining insurers considering exiting the market, we sought out a willing and able local insurer who is committed to supporting our clients for the long term. Local regulations ensure that local insurers are compliant and monitored, to the benefit of policyholders, which offers added security and is a marked difference from cover provided by entities not regulated by or transparent with local regulators, where their policyholders have no assistance from or recourse through our regulators.

Natmed remains equipped with an experienced team to support policy fulfilment, claims notifications, defence engagements and settlement administration. We have developed sophisticated software and databases over the years, including highly developed private hospital insurance broking capabilities, that strongly complement our indemnity services. EthiQal will be relying on this same software at www.ethiqal.mobi, to ensure consistent service delivery in our association.

Natmed covers multiple medical specialities, many private hospitals, and has acquired specific competence in the complicated obstetrics and gynaecology fields, where we have focused for more than 17 years. For this reason, we will exclusively assist all obstetricians seeking cover with EthiQal – this will be for occurrence-based and claims-made cover.

Natmed will continue to market our current claims-made product and will also distribute EthiQal’s occurrence-based product, which many specialists seek to obtain for peace of mind on future claims exposures.

Both the Natmed claims-made and EthiQal occurrence-based cover are underwritten by Constantia Insurance Company Limited, and it is our collective teams that will assist you.

Please contact us should you require advice or wish to discuss which coverage is most suitable to your needs.

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